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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.

Limited to liberal arts, a student who acquires a certain level without attending a course the grading is calculated by official test results, certificate of completion or certificate of qualifications.

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All current students

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All current students

  • 1. You register for courses you intend to recognize before course revision period in early of each semester and enter into the school system in the following manner. Then you print it out and submit it to Office of Academics Support along with a certificate of qualifications.
  • 2. The submitted application is approved after going through confirmation process with the concerned test organization.
  • 3. A person who has requested for credit recognition shall register for courses in the concerned semester and attend the course until the announcement of approved credit recognition. Once credit recognition is approved you may not attend the course.
  • 4. A list of students with credit recognition and exemption shall be conveyed to the concerned faculty members so that it is not handled as “absence” but “course exemption” as duly indicated in the attendance sheet and they are not included in relative evaluation quota.
  • 5. Office of Academic Affairs notifies the concerned colleges of grades for credit recognition.
How to Apply
  • step 1
    KNU Website → Student Portal
  • step 2
    Click on “Manage Grades”
  • step 3
    Click on “Apply for Credit Recognition”
  • step 4
    Enter details
  • step 5
  • step 6
    Submit the print-out and supporting documents to Office of Academics Support
Relevant Policies

Article 23-2 of the Enforcement Rule of KNU Regulations
Regulation on Implementation of Acquiring Credit Recognition