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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
1. What is an absence?
It refers to (a) leaving a lecture room during the lecture and (b) not attending the lecture in the regular lecture time (including special lectures and intramural activities)
2. What is being late for a lecture?
Being late for a lecture by 20 minutes or more is considered as an absence and being late on three occasions is also regarded as an absence. However, natural disasters and inevitable circumstances are an exception
Authorized Absence for Exceptional Circumstances

Absences under the following circumstances and for the following duration are not considered as absence but as authorized absence. You apply for authorized absence online before, right after or within 2 weeks from occurrence along with supporting documents. However, the permitted duration includes weekends and holidays.

CircumstanceDurationSupporting DocumentsNote
Death of lineal ascendant and descendant, spouse, siblings7 days or lessCertificate of Death and documents proving your relationship with the deceased 
Hospitalized due to unexpected accident (car accident, emergency surgery)4 weeks or lessCertificate of hospitalization/discharge – general medical certificate is not recognized 
Call for short-term reserve training and physical examination for conscriptionDesignated periodA copy of enlistment notice or physical examination for conscription 
Take a test for employment/school (students expecting graduation)Test dayA copy of admission ticket 
Marriage of student himself/herself7 days or lessA copy of Declaration of Consent or documents proving legal marriage 
On-campus/outside events approved by KNUConcerned dayA copy of approval letter by president – preparation period excluded 
Other occasions approved by KNUPermitted periodA copy of approval letter by president 
  • step 1
    KNU Website → Student Portal
  • step 2
    Click on “Manage Courses”
  • step 3
    Click on ”Attendance Recognition”
  • step 4
    Enter details on circumstances
  • step 5
    Upload supporting documents
Grades based on attendance
  • Attendance-based grades are calculated from the start to the last day of the term. However, as for transfer admissions, re-admissions, change of major and returning students it is calculated from the start of its respective authorized term. And if you revise courses in the course revision period, those classes you did not attend before revision are not regarded as absence.
Relevant Policies
  • Articles 59, 60, 61, and 63 of the Enforcement Rule of the KNU Regulations