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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
What is re-admission?
- If a student who drops out or is dismissed from the school applies for re-admission when re-admissions quota is available, he/she may continue to study in his/her department after the evaluation process.
- If a student is re-admitted, all grades, registration, and completed semesters he/she has achieved before dismissal are recognized. Accordingly, if he/she registers for the remaining number of semesters and acquires the remaining credits required for graduation, he/she may graduate.
Eligibility Requirements
- A student who drops out or is dismissed from the school
- If a student falls under one of the following, re-admission is not allowed:
  • 1. A student who is dismissed on the grounds of exceeding the maximum number of semesters (16 semesters)
  • 2. A student who is dismissed as a disciplinary measure in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 56 of the KNU Regulations (habitual unethical behavior)
  • 3. A student who has been re-admitted twice
When and How to Apply
- Application Period: Applications are generally received in July or January. The specific application period is posted on the KNU website about one month prior to the period.
- How to Apply: Submit an application in person
Department and Quota for Re-admission
- Re-admission is made only when re-admissions quota is available; the quota varies depending on the semester.
- Re-admissions quota is classified into regular admissions quota and day and night courses of the related department.
- For the College of Education, applicants are selected within re-admissions quota by department and by grade in accordance with the “Operations Policy on (Extra) Admissions Quota for Teacher Training Facilities.”
- The re-admissions quota for the semester in which a student wishes to register is posted in that semester’s re-admissions instructions on the KNU website.
How to Apply
- You must prepare the required documents and consult with and obtain a signature from the dean of the department and submit them to the Office of Academic Affairs.
- Required Documents
  • 1. Application for Re-admission
  • 2. Written Oath (signed by a guardian)
  • 3. Academic Records
  • 4. Official Transcript
  • 5. Waiver request form for all failed courses (if the student intends to waive the related semester on the grounds of failing all courses)
  • 6. Certificate of Employment (applicable to College of Development of Future Talent)
  • STEP 1
    Fill out an application for re-admission and written oath
  • STEP 2
    Consult with and obtain approval from the dean of the department
  • STEP 3
    Submit to the Office of Academic Affairs
  • STEP 4
    Re-admissions Screening Committee to deliberate
  • STEP 5
    Grant permission for re-admission (announcement of successful applicants)
  • STEP 6
    Registration (pay re-admission fees and tuition)
  • STEP 7
    Register for courses
  • 1. Students may only be re-admitted to a department twice.
  • 2. Students will be re-admitted to their department. If the department has been combined or revised, students may be re- admitted to the revised department. If it is abolished, students may be re-admitted to another department in accordance with the KNU Regulations.
  • 3. All grades, registration, and completed semesters achieved before dismissal are recognized after re-admission. However, for students who were dismissed on the grounds of failing all courses, if they apply for a waiver request form for all failed courses the related semester will be waived.
  • 4. Students must pay re-admission fees and tuition when registering for re-admission. Re-admission fees are determined in December each year.