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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
  • 복지융합대학아이콘
    College of Welfare Convergence
    • Division of Social Welfare
      1. Major in Social Business
      2. Major in Social Services Policy
    • Division of Converging Welfare Talents
      1. Major in Universal Visual Design
      2. Major in Fine Arts & Culture Welfare
      3. Major in Sports Service Practice
    • Department of Senior Industry
  • 경영관리대학아이콘
    College of Business Administration and Social Science
    • Division of Global Business Administration
      1. Major in Business Administration
      2. Major in International Trade
    • Department of Economics and Tax Administration
    • Department of Public Service
    • Division of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • 글로벌인재대학 아이콘
    College of Global Talents
    • Department of Christian Studies
    • Department of Korea-English Cultural Content
    • Division of Global Studies
      1. Major in International Area Studies
      2. Major in Chinese Area Studies
    • Department of Music
  • ICT건설복지융합대학 아이콘
    College of ICT Construction & Welfare Convergence
    • School of Software Application
      1. Major in Software
      2. Major in Virtual Reality
    • Department of IoT Electronic Engineering
    • Department of Industrial Data Science
      1. Major in Industrial Business Administration Engineering
      2. Major in Data Science
    • Division of Real Estate and Construction Engineering
      1. Major in Real Estate
      2. Major in Urban Planning and Architecture Engineering
  • 사범대학 아이콘
    College of Education
    • Department of General Education
    • Department of Early Childhood Education
    • Department of Primary School Special Education
    • Department of Junior Secondary School Special Education
  • KNU참인재대학아이콘
    College of KNU Charm-Injae
    • Faculty of Liberal Arts
    • Faculty of General Education