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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
What is returning to school?

Returning to school refers to continuing study after a leave of absence expires.

When and How to Apply

Students must apply for returning to school on the Student Portal in the designated period in the academic schedule before expiration of their leave of absence.

Returning to School from Mandatory Military Service
1. Required Documents

Students must submit the relevant documents below when applying to return to school:

DischargedFront and back of Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Military Service Record, Certificate of Resident Registration indicating military service record
To be dischargedCertificate of Discharge (expected), Certificate of Military Service
  • * Those expecting to be discharged: Students who will be discharged after the application period for returning to school.
2. If students are discharged before the scheduled discharge date
Those who will be discharged before their scheduled discharge date for inevitable reasons must visit the Office of Academic Affairs upon discharge to report the discharge and return to school in the semester designated by the Office.
3. If a student is to be discharged within four weeks from the start of the term
Those who are to be discharged within four weeks from the start of the term and wish to return to school may apply for returning to school with supporting documents indicating the scheduled date of discharge (Certificate of Discharge (expected) and Certificate of Military Service). If a student is to be discharged after four weeks from the start of the term the request for returning to school will not be accepted.
  • step 1
    Access the KNU website → Student Portal
  • step 2
    Manage Revisions of Academic Affairs → Apply for returning to school → Click on “Apply for Returning to School”
  • step 3
    Fill out the application form for returning to school
  • step 4
    Application will be processed
  • step 5
    Course registration and tuition payment

* If a student is to be discharged on the scheduled discharge date he may submit one of the following documents: Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Military Service Record, or Certificate of Resident Registration.

Key Notes
  • 1. Students may participate in preliminary course registration and first round of course registration if they apply for returning to school in the first round period in the academic schedule.
  • 2. Students who fail to return to school within the designated period will be dismissed.
  • 3. Students who are granted approval for returning to school must register for courses and pay tuition according to the academic schedule.
  • 4. Students who pay tuition and take leave of absence before completion of mid-term exams are not required to pay tuition for the returning semester.
  • 5. Students will be permitted to return to the department (major) they belonged to when they took leave of absence. However, if the department (major) has been combined with another department or revised, students will return to the combined/revised department (major) instead. If the department is abolished, students may transfer to another department (major) and will not face any restrictions in the process.
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