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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
  • Designated period in an academic schedule
  • step 1
    Review the course time table and fill out a course registration application form under the instruction of the dean of a department (major)
  • step 2
    KNU Website → Student Portal
  • step 3
    Access to Course registration/revision
  • step 4
    Enter course registration information/Confirm
  • step 5
1. Limits of Credits
You shall take from 12 to 19 credits in a semester. (The maximum number of credits for Department of German Weimar Music is 21). However, the minimum number of credits for a final semester before graduation is 9, and an exception is applied to (1) students registering for his/her 9th semester or higher or (2) students with disability duly approved by the president of the University.
2. Students to graduate early (in approved cases)
They may register for a maximum of 22 credits from third grade year.  ※ A maximum of 24 credits for students admitted in 2012 or previous years
3. Office of Academics Support would cancel extra credits in exceed of the permitted number in the order of Optional Liberal Arts, Optional Free Courses, Optional Major Courses. However, they cancel courses with lower credits considering the credits in exceed of the permitted number.
Course Repetition
  • 1. If you complete courses having the same course name or number, it is not recognized.
  • 2. You may not take courses at the same period, and accordingly even if you complete the courses grades earned are not recognized.
Course Withdrawal
1. Period
If you wish to drop a course after the modification period, you must withdraw within four weeks from the start of the semester but cannot register another course. However, as for courses delivered in weekends or during vacation due to its special characteristics, you can withdraw them before the commencement of the course (its course schedule to be notified).
2. Procedure
  • step 1
    KNU Website → Student Portal
  • step 2
    Click on “Manage Courses”
  • step 3
    Check your selected courses
  • step 4
    (Withdrawal) Select and delete a course
3. Key Notes
If you don’t withdraw a course in the official manner you will get an F for the concerned class. You are not allowed to withdraw if you take the lowest credits (12 credits. As for final semester before graduation it is 9 credits.) as stated in the Article 37 of KNU Regulations after withdrawal.