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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
  • Tests are conducted in mid- and late semester, but it can be conducted more often when deemed necessary.
Extra Test
1. If you cannot take the regular tests as falling under one of the following you shall submit an application for re-test and supporting documents before/after the start of the tests. If you submit the required documents, grades may be given considering your grades obtained from either mid-term or final exam.
  • Sick/mandatory military service/death of immediate family
  • Other exceptional circumstances
  • Courses with potential and necessity for inclusion in summer/winter sessions may be created after obtaining approval from the president of the University in advance.
  • Credit limits per semester are 9.
2. Grades cannot be higher than B+ unless the reason for failing to take the test is to participate in practical training.
Relevant Policies
  • Articles 44 and 45 of KNU Regulations
  • Article 22 of Enforcement Rule of KNU Regulations
1. Grading is calculated based on tests, assignments and attendance.
2. The overall grading is calculated as follows:
  • Tests (mid-term and final)/assignment/other activities 90% + attendance 10%
  • Tests shall be written but as for experiment/practical or field training class it can be conducted by reports and/or practical skill evaluation.
3. If you obtain good grades but fail to attend the course with one third of the course hours per semester (at least 5 absences for 15-week semester), the grades are not recognized and an F will be given.
Relative Evaluation Quota

To calculate quota per grade it rounds off the numbers to first decimal place.

1. A+/A – 25% or less of the entire enrollees
2. A+, A, B+, B – 65% or less of the entire enrollees
3. As for advanced courses for differentiated subjects such as Common Teacher Training Course, Advanced English Conversation, English Courses, Mandatory Liberal Arts, A+ and A grades shall not exceed 40% of the entire enrollees and the remaining grades are 60%.
4. In cases falling under the following, absolute evaluation shall be conducted:
  • Courses involving Experiment/Practical/Field/Job Training evaluated by external organizations
  • Virtual courses created by external consortium
  • Exchange students in the exchange program with abroad universities
  • Part-time students
  • Military Science Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ
  • As for Department of Music and Department of German Weimar Music, 전공 실기 (private-tutoring course) with less than 10 enrollees
Grading System
100%95∼10090∼9485∼8980∼8475∼7970∼7465∼6960∼6459 or below
  • * A grade of D or higher pass a concerned course while an F fails the course.
  • * As for a course without specific grading it shall be indicated as P for pass and F for failure.
How to Calculate a GPA

A GPA is calculated according to cumulative average system. Your averages are cut off at the three decimal place and credits you passed are included in credits earned but not included in alculation of your averages.
(Credit × Average by Grade)+ · · · · +(Credit × Average by Grade)/total credits

Ex) If Hong Gil-dong acquires the following grade for 18 credits his GPA is:

Christianity and Modern Society2A+Understanding of Library and Information Science3A+
English Conversation2AInformation and Communication2C+
Computer Training2BInternet and Websites2B+
Understanding of Korean Linguistics2APsychology 1012A+
  • * Calculation: {(2×4.5)+(2×4.0)+(2×3.0)+(3×4.0)+(3×4.0)+(2×2.0)+(2×3.5)+(2×3.5)}÷18= 65÷18 = 3.61
  • * His GPA is 3.61
Grading system on a 100-point scale

Grading system on a 100-point scale download

Check Grades and File a Grade Appeal
1. Procedure
  • step 1
    Professor to enter grades into school system
  • step 2
    KNU Website → Student Portal
  • step 3
    Check Grades → For This Semester
  • step 4
    If you can accept the grades they are finalized. However, you have a grade to appeal you do it directly to the professor in the grade appeal period.
  • step 5
    Professor to review grade appeal
  • step 6
    If a ground for grade appeal is valid, the revised grades are to be entered
  • step 7
    Re-confirm (follow same procedure as confirm)
  • step 8
2. When to check/appeal/revise grades
Designated period
3. Key Notes
* If a student fails to check grades during the designated period s/he shall bear any disadvantages incurred.
* You may find contact information of a professor on the right side of a screen (under the section “Note”) when you check your grades.
Confirm Final Grades
1. You confirm your grades for the semester you registered on the KNU Website after all the grades for the concerned semester are finalized.
2. How to confirm
Same as the “Grades and File a Grade Appeal” procedure described above
3. You can find your ranking when checking final grades. However, you should contact Teaching Assistant’s Office of the concerned department to see whether you are a recipient of scholarship.
4. You should print out a report card for each semester on Student Portal in a designated period as it is not sent out by mail.
Grades Policy for Students on Leave
1. If a person enters into mandatory military service after completing 8 weeks of a course and taking a mid-term exam, the grade for the mid-term exam is recognized as one for the whole semester. However, he shall take the mid-term or final exam which is conducted 3 days prior to his joining the service.
2. If a person taking a sick leave due to disease or injuries during the semester his/her selected courses will be automatically canceled. Therefore, even if s/he takes the mid-term test the grade will not be recognized.
Cancelation of Grades

In cases falling under one of the following the grades will be canceled:

  • - A person submitted to disciplinary action due to test fraud. If s/he is submitted to suspension (his/her status of enrollment is valid) grades in the concerned test are canceled. If s/he is submitted to limited-term suspension or more severe disciplinary measures grades for all courses thereafter including the concerned course will be canceled.
  • - Course with less than required attendance days
  • - Course you fail to register
  • - Courses in exceed of a maximum of credits
  • - A person who is submitted to indefinite-term suspension (at least one month) due to an act committed before completion of final exam
  • - A person who volunteers to drop out or is dismissed before completion of final exam
  • - Other fraudulent acts
Relevant Policies
  • Articles 42 and 43 of the KNU Regulations
  • Articles 23, 23-2, 24, 25, 26, 27 of the Enforcement Rule of the KNU Regulations