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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
  • Summer and winter sessions aim to offer students a chance to obtain credits during vacations for course repetition and early graduation.
Open to
  • It is open to students in the second year or above. However, as for College of Development of Future Talents, they may apply for summer/winter session even in the first year.
Credit Limits Per Session
  • 9 Credits
1. Liberal arts, 101 courses and major courses in the regular semester of the concerned academic year that 10 or more students take.
2. Courses which fall under the following are not offered:
  • A course grading either pass or fail
  • Among courses requiring experiment or practical/field training, if a professor is unable to deliver a lecture by him or herself and a course requires borrowing facilities.
  • Courses needed to be open in a summer/winter session may be offered with approval from the president of the University in advance.
  • You may complete a summer/winter session in a credit exchange program. In this case it shall be processed in accordance with the policy on recognized exchanged credits.
Course Registration and Tuition Payment
1. Period
To be advised in each semester
2. Tuition Fee
To be advised in each semester
3. How to Register a Course
  • step 1
    KNU Website
  • step 2
    Click on “Summer/Winter session – course registration and tuition payment” and log in
  • step 3
    Click on “Summer/Winter session – course registration”
  • step 4
    Select courses with 9 credits in maximum
4. How to Pay Tuition
  • step 1
    Access to KNU Website
  • step 2
    Click on “Summer/Winter Session Enrollment and Course Registration” and log in
  • step 3
    Click on “Print your tuition bill for summer/winter session
  • step 4
    Pay the tuition at KB Kookmin Bank or wire-transfer to a virtual account (before the closing time of bank)
  • 1. Credits you obtain from summer/winter session are included in credits for graduation.
  • 2. Grading is made in the same manner as the regular semester.
Relevant Policies
  • Paragraph 1, Article 6-2 of the KNU Regulations and Regulation on Operation of Summer/Winter Sessions