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Certificates and Issuance Standards
CertificateIssued to
Certificate of Graduation (Kor./Eng.)Graduating students
Certificate of (Expected) Graduation (Kor./Eng.)Students admitted in 2012 or prior yearsComplete 8 semesters and acquire at least 119 credits
Students admitted in 2013 or thereafterComplete 8 semesters and acquire at least 111 credits
Certificate of Enrollment (Kor./Eng.)Currently enrolled students
Certificate of Completion (Kor./Eng.)Students who complete credits for the related grade year in accordance with Article 46 of the KNU Regulations
Certificate of Past Enrollment(Kor./Eng.)Students with past enrollment at KNU
Certificate of Leave of Absence(Kor./Eng.)Students on leave of absence
Academic Transcript (Kor./Eng.)Students who have acquired grades
Certificate of Expectation to Return to School (Kor.)Students who have applied for returning to school
Certificate of (Expected) Teaching License (Kor.)Candidate of teaching curriculum who is expected to acquire a teaching license
OthersCertificate of (Expected) Completion of Teaching Curriculum, Certificate of (Expected) Completion of Minor, Certificate of Extracurricular Activities
How to Issue a Certificate
- Visit: Administration Office (1F, Salem Bldg./1F, Gyeongcheon Bldg.) or Office of Academic Affairs (1F, University HQ Bldg.)
- Fax: Request issuance of certificate by fax at the nearest public office (Dong/Si/Gun/Gu/Eup/Myeon Office) → Receive request through G4C → Receive the certificate at the public office by fax (automatically sent out from our online system)
- Online: Request on the KNU website (Click on “Certificate Request”) and print out on a personal printer
  • 1. Certificates in English are available only when students enter their English name on the Student Portal.
  • 2. For requests by fax, it takes a certain amount of time to review academic history to see if a student is either registering for two departments in a graduate school or a graduate of former institutes of KNU (i.e. Joongang Seminary, Kangnam Social Welfare School), or a graduate of an academic credit bank system.
  • 3. Students who want a certificate to indicate their legally changed name must request revision of their academic record prior to requesting the certificates.
Certificate Request