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세계화의 뉴리더 당신의 ‘푸른꿈’이 아름답습니다.
  • To register a semester you shall select a course and pay tuition for each semester within a designated period
1. Current Students
Designated period in academic schedule
2. Students Returning to School
Designated period in academic schedule or a period set when applying for returning to school
How to Register
1. Current Students
Visit KNU Website during vacation -> Student Portal → Manage Registration -> Print Tuition Bill -> Pay at a designated bank within a designated period
2. Students Returning to School
Apply for returning to school on Student Portal and follow the same procedure as current students described above after obtaining approval
3. If you pay tuition and take leave of absence, you don’t have to pay it again when you return to school. In this case once you obtain approval after application your paid tuition will cover your returning semester. However, this case only applies to those who take leave before completion of mid-term exam.
Relevant Policies
  • Articles 30, 31, and 32 of KNU Regulations
  • Article 6 of Enforcement Rule of KNU Regulations